What Clouds are Supported by Aspera and PacGenesis?

What Clouds are Supported by Aspera and PacGenesis?
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What Clouds are Supported by Aspera and PacGenesis?

Aspera FASP high-speed transport platform provides businesses with a secure form of transportation for files, directories, and other large data sets to, from, and between a number of leading third-party cloud storage platforms. 

If you already have a Cloud in place at your business, Aspera can integrate with many other third-party cloud providers with the help of PacGenesis.

Clouds Supported by Aspera and PacGenesis

Aspera and PacGenesis support the following cloud configurations with the platform:


AWS is made from different cloud computing products and services. It can be broken into three main products: EC2, Glacier, and S3. Aspera’s transfer software is available for deployment and uses on AWS.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud consists of a set of physical assets that are contained in Google’s data centers around the globe. With Aspera, the transfer software is available with a pay-per-use license model.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers products and cloud services to help build, run, and manage applications. Through a pay-per-use subscription model, you can use Microsoft Azure for use as a SaaS with Aspera.

IBM Cloud

Aspera’s transfer capabilities are natively integrated with IBM Cloud Object Storage to offer an integrated user interface to quickly transfer data. 

How Aspera Works as a SaaS and Self-Deployed Option

There are specific components of Aspera on Cloud, specifically the Aspera Transfer Server, that can be implemented either as self-managed or SaaS managed. 

As a SaaS option, you can use this procedure when you have an existing AWS S3 and want to make it accessible to those in your AoC workspaces. You can attach an existing AWS S3 storage to your AoC organization. Once it’s attached, you can make the bucket and its content available to your AoC users.

As a self-deployed option, you can add your own IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server to your AoC organization. Your transfer server can be on-premises, in a private cloud, or in a public cloud.

How PacGenesis Specializes in Cloud Configurations

At PacGenesis, we are an IBM Gold-status Partner that has made it a priority to help organizations adopt new file transfer solutions like Aspera. We also specialize in configurations with Aspera and the clouds mentioned in this article. With over 10 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, we can help your organization with any questions or concerns related to Aspera or cloud configurations.

To learn more about PacGenesis, follow @PacGenesis on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or visit pacgenesis.com.


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