3 File Size Limits with SharePoint

File Size Limits with SharePoint
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3 File Size Limits with SharePoint

SharePoint refers to a few different products and technologies, all great when it comes to quality and the capabilities it offers. The security features, updates, and other features are exceptional. Highly customizable, many organizations use SharePoint to create websites. They use it to store, organize, share, and access documents and information in a secure place from any device. 

SharePoint in Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service. It allows employees to create sites to share documents and information with colleagues, partners, and customers. But, as with most products or technologies, there are some limitations to these services.

Here are some of the file size limits you should know, and how you can overcome them.

SharePoint File Size Limit

Most organizations today need a solution to share large files without interruption. Many companies have trouble sharing files larger than 2GB with the SharePoint file size limits. While the maximum file limit for SharePoint is at 10GB and 15GB for SharePoint Online, it was not designed to handle large files and sets default threshold limits at 2GB. With the use of video and graphic content, most files these days tend to be well over that 2GB threshold limit.

URL Limit in SharePoint

The URL limit in SharePoint occurs when users attempt to migrate, especially when employees are creating folders and subfolders in a document library. The more folders and subfolders, the longer the URL path. SharePoint has a maximum character limit of 400. Beyond that, you’ll end up with an error message. The only way to overcome this is to keep document library names short and avoid many layers of folders.

300,000 Item Sync Limit on OneDrive Sync

Another limit encountered by end-users is the 300,000 limit on the number of documents users can sync using OneDrive sync client. While it is not a strict limit, it’s still a guideline, and many customers have seen lots of issues going beyond the limit. As organizations scale and sync hundreds of thousands of files across many SharePoint sites and libraries, the issues pop up often.

How to Overcome SharePoint File Size Limits with Aspera

If your organization is looking for a better solution to share large files with colleagues, partners, and customers, Aspera may be the best option for your business. Built on the award-winning IBM FASP protocol, the software can move data of any size across any distance.

IBM Aspera supports four common migration scenarios: on-premises to cloud, cloud to on-premises, on-premises to on-premises, and cloud to cloud. With 35 cloud data centers to store and access data securely, Aspera enables 100 TB of data per day to be migrated to the cloud 400% faster than TCP when migrating millions of files. This level of storage and speed reduces migration windows, lowers migration costs, and reduces the risk for the business.

Get Started with PacGenesis

With over 10 years of experience and an IBM Gold-status partner, PacGenesis can help your company learn more about Aspera and how your organization can utilize its software to transfer large files and data. Contact our team today and we can help your business by answering any questions or concerns you may have. 

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