Account Onboarding


Account Onboarding

Welcome, we’re glad to have you as an Aspera customer of PacGenesis, Inc!  We hope to make your adoption of Aspera as smooth as possible, as such, we’ve consolidated a helpful list of information and links to help you get up and running as quick as possible.


The PacGenesis website contains a wealth of technical information:


As your resell partner and trusted advisor, please feel free to reach out to for any technical questions or support escalations.

As part of your IBM licensing purchase, you are entitled to 24/7 follow-the-sun support directly from IBM Aspera.

To access IBM support, please follow the steps in this blog post to get registered.

When creating tickets please follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure to create your ticket with the appropriate severity level. 
  • For the quickest response time, ensure you supply as much information as possible including all logs and a thorough explanation of the problem. 
  • For Sev 1 (production down) issues please feel free to email with the ticket number and a short description of the problem. We will help to escalate the ticket internally with IBM.
    • NOTE: Sev 1 issues must be treated as Sev 1 by your team, slow responsiveness will result in IBM reducing the severity of your ticket to a Sev 2.


Aspera is licensed in three ways:


  • Local License key per-server with unlimited transfer usage constrained by bandwidth.  The available bandwidth tiers are:
    • 45Mbps
    • 100Mbps
    • 300Mbps
    • 500Mbps
    • 1Gbps
    • 2.5Gbps
    • 5Gbps
    • 10Gbps
    • 20Gbps


  • No bandwidth limit, license based on total transfer over a 12, 24, or 36 month period.
  • Entitlements are included for the Aspera Web Applications

Aspera on Cloud

  • Hybrid SaaS offering with no bandwidth limit, license based on total transfer over a 12, 24, or 36 month period.
  • Includes ability to “tether” a self-managed HSTS which you manage and own.  Tethered nodes count against transfer utilization.
  • When using IBM’s managed high-speed transfer server solution, additional charges including storage and egress may apply.
  • Aspera on Cloud is sold in three editions; each include a pre-allocated amount of storage, egress, and additional features.

AOC Standard

  • 1TB of IBM Cloud Object storage monthly
  • 10TB of Egress
  • Single Workspace

AOC Advanced

  • 10TB of IBM Cloud Object Storage monthly
  • 100TB of Egress
  • SAML Support
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Shared inboxes
  • 5 concurrent Automation workflow jobs

AOC Enterprise

  • 25TB of IBM Cloud Object Storage monthly
  • 500TB of Egress
    • SAML Support
    • Shared Inboxes
    • 10 concurrent Automation workflow jobs

Usage Tracking

  • Your AoC overall plan includes licensing based on an overall usage plan. Aspera plans are set by transfer in + out on all transfer locations (using Aspera)
    • AoC has its own detailed reporting in the “Activity” application for reporting
    • You also have the Aspera Console which can monitor all transfers against any Aspera nodes and give you detailed reporting along with transfer progress
  • For baseline license usage, please visit the Aspera usage portal. You can register for access via
    • This tracks usage at the entitlement level only and is used by the license system for overall tracking. 
    • It will show total usage and usage by entitlement only (AoC entitlement + any tethered nodes)


  • To subscribe to email notifications of version updates and patches, security, and outage information:
  • Aspera on Cloud Status notifications: 
    • Real time status on the AoC SaaS:
      • You can subscribe to updates and integrate into Slack or other systems

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