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Take advantage of Aspera for lightning-fast file transfer.

High-speed File Transfer
Sync Source Code
Collaborate Anywhere
Centralize Documents

Aspera’s FASP® file transfer technology allows your global teams to share media content worldwide faster than any other solution on the market.

Transfer large files or large volumes of files faster than FTP or HTTP.
Sync large source code repositories.
Deploy on-premise or in the cloud and centralize data.
Ingest into predictive analytical tools to make your file transfer and electronic workflows seamless.

Leverage CORE by 5th Kind to streamline your digital workflows without sacrificing security.

Smart, intuitive collaboration tools.
Work with anyone, anywhere, regardless of location or time zone.
Collaborate safely with Digital Asset Management (DAM) security.
Easily configure to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Trust the leaders in file security, who’ve been in the business of securing files for half a century.

Reduce production downtime from cyber attacks.
Fight off ransomware attacks.
More than 6 billion applications and devices protected.
Nearly 1,000 security experts stationed at over 15 global locations.
100 x
Faster than FTP
Mbps bitrate
TBs per day
100 s
of satisfied customers

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