Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver advanced technological solutions to assist in the everyday challenges organizations face, enabling them to achieve their business goals by partnering with the best providers of cybersecurity and high-speed transfer solutions.

TB per Day
Successfully stream
Mbps bitrate live edit feeds
Up to
100 s
of times faster than FTP and HTTP

Securely transfer your data anywhere

Big Data Transport and Sync

Aspera transfers data up to 100 times faster than FTP and HTTP - and it transfers 100 TB every single day.

Large File Sending and Sharing

Aspera sends big data and large files all around the world and is the fastest file transfer solution on the market.

Transfer Automation and Management

Stay in complete control as you transfer data and workflows.

Any-Bit-Rate Streaming

Stream data seamlessly with near-zero latency when delivered over the Internet.

Hybrid Cloud Workflows

Build workflows that scale when you do and are hosted either on-premise, in the cloud, or both.

Secure Asset Exchange

Leverage blockchain technology to add an extra layer of security to your data as it moves through multi-cloud architectures.

Let's help you!

We will contact you to better identify your high-speed transfer needs and set up your evaluation.

Solutions by Use Case

Aspera offers a complete portfolio of software products and technologies that provide organizations of any size in a wide variety of industries with the highest level of performance for every file transfer use case where data needs to be moved at maximum speed


Collaborative file transfer solutions from Aspera provide individuals and groups with intuitive, secure and efficient paradigms to collaborate and exchange files and directories. Web, Desktop, Mobile, and email interfaces provide users with complete freedom and flexibility in sending and receiving data.


Aspera software can distribute file-based assets of any size from one geographic location to customers and partners around the world, without compromising performance or security. The solutions are comprised of a high speed transfer server and a variety of client options.


With Aspera’s high-speed transfer and automation platform, enterprises can manage and automate file movement and processing from simple repeatable tasks to the most complex and challenging workflows, internally within the organization, across locations or with customers and partners.


Easy to use web applications, coupled with high-speed FASP® transport and a powerful security model offer a complete solution for ingesting, sharing, and managing data distributed across enterprise storage or cloud storage systems, whether public or private - the perfect replacement for FTP.


Built with extreme performance and scalability in mind, Aspera Sync overcomes the bottlenecks of conventional synchronization tools like rsync, and scales up and out for maximum speed replication and synchronization over WANs.


The FASPStream software product was created from the ground up by Aspera with the potential to revolutionize the way that live and near-live video is transported.


Aspera offers high-speed data transfer that uses the public Internet to securely and reliably migrate large amounts of data to, from, or between any major cloud.

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Automated Installation & Configuration

PacGenesis offers an automated solution for installing and configuring Aspera Servers and Endpoints.



Realize value quickly with a production ready install, configured for your needs and tuned for performance. Our tool allows you to install Aspera endpoints and servers in all environments, while adhering to your internal standards and maintaining tried and true configuration.
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