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Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical

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Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical

Aspera enables next-generation R&D to save and improve lives.

14 minutes to move a 10GB file across the US, Europe, or Asia


With Aspera, you can share files around the globe to fast-track R&D efforts.

Fastest file transfer solution for big data on the market.
Encryption keeps private health information secure during transit.
Maintain real-time, centralized control over data as it moves.
Automatically resends partial or failed sends.

5th kind provides a simple user experience for securely collaborating on your life sciences & pharmaceutical files.

Intuitively designed to provide a simple user experience, making adoption throughout your project teams happen quickly and organically.
Provides for real-time collaboration with security measures you can trust.
Collaborate anywhere on any device you choose, with lightning-fast download speeds.
Easily configure into your organization’s internal processes so you can work the way you want.

Irdeto is the world leader in digital platform security and has secured over 6 billion platforms and apps.

Protect your platforms and apps from cybercriminals.
Rely on 50+ years of digital security experience.
Use patented whitebox cryptography technology.
Get support from nearly 1,000 digital security experts in over 15 global locations.
100 x
Faster than FTP
TBs per day
100 s
of satisfied customers

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