Irdeto Pricing

Irdeto Pricing and Packaging

Irdeto is priced and packaged for the needs of your organization, no matter the size or scale. Irdeto has more than 50 years of experience protecting platforms and apps by providing the most robust cybersecurity solution on the market. Get in touch and we will help you find and create the best package for your business.
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Whether you’re a small or midsize business, Irdeto’s modernized content security protection allows you to effectively encrypt and transmit encryption keys from owner to end-user.


Irdeto is recommended by some of the largest entertainment companies in the world. No matter how large your organization may be, Irdeto provides support through a unified approach to enhanced security measures.

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What You Get


Protection from Threats

Irdeto utilizes DRM security enabled through enhanced HLS protection to protect your platforms and apps from piracy and cybercriminals.
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Forensic Watermarking

Irdeto’s watermarking is more than a tool; it gives your organization an understanding of where any leaks come from and the ability to take action without disrupting the ecosystem.
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Encrypted Protection

The management of encryption keys is how Irdeto provides the needed security measure to effectively minimize the threat of cyber attacks.
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Investigations & Enforcement

With Irdeto, investigations and enforcement teams prevent and defend against cybercrime, supporting clients and taking appropriate action against threats.
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