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Financial Services

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Financial Services

Aspera’s FASP® technology gives you everything you need for your increasing global environment.

14 minutes to move a 10GB file across the US, Europe, or Asia


Aspera modernizes the financial services industry by making it faster and easier to share big data analytics and batch process financial documents from the field.

The fastest file transfer solution on the market.
Incredible transfer success rate with automatic renewals for partial or failed sends.
An extremely secure way to share sensitive financial information.
Gives you real-time, centralized control over data transfers and users.

Leverage CORE by 5th Kind to streamline your digital workflows.

Use 5th Kind’s powerful collaboration tools.
Easily synchronize your distributed teams so that everyone’s on the same page, regardless of location or time zone.
Keep financial data more secure than ever before.
Simple user experience makes adoption happen quickly and organically.

Secure your applications and platforms from would-be cybercriminals with Irdeto.

50+ years of experience in digital security.
More than 6 billion devices and apps secured.
Patented technology in whitebox cryptography.
Nearly 1,000 security experts in more than 15 global locations.
100 x
Faster than FTP
TBs per day
100 s
of satisfied customers

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