Data/File Transfer Calculator

Data/File Transfer Calculator

Compare Aspera to TCP Bandwidth/Throughput speeds using our data transfer calculator!

Transfer Data Size: 10 GB

Fast File and Data Transfer Using Aspera

Businesses across industries are facing greater challenges in moving large files and massive sets of data quickly and reliably. Organizations need to access and move large files and data between dispersed teams and systems in seconds and minutes, not hours or days. Many companies across various industries rely on Aspera software for critical transport of valuable digital assets, even when they are moving in excess of one terabyte per day.

Deliver data of any size and virtually unlimited bit-rate video with near-zero latency using Aspera’s FASP technology. It transfers large files and data over long-distance networks Aspera eliminates underlying bottlenecks to speed up the data transfer process.

Utilizing Available Bandwidth

As file sizes continue to grow, latency issues with FTP become problematic. FTP relies on TCP, cutting its bandwidth use to a fraction of what is available no matter which internet provider you have. Aspera provides your company with a smarter replacement option designed to eliminate latency, optimizing and managing your bandwidth use.

Aspera fully utilizes available network bandwidth to maximize speed and quickly scale. Delivering at speeds hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP, users can exchange files and data sets of any size reliably and securely.

Shorten Transfer Times

Using standard TCP-based file transfer tools, moving a 10 GB file or data set across the US could take 10-20 hours on a typical 100 Mbps line. If you extend the distance into Europe or Asia, the transfer time becomes impractical and unreliable.

In comparison, Aspera FASP changes things. No matter where in the world, you can transfer data without the need for a local ingest site. When moving a 10GB file over 100 Mbps, it only takes 14 minutes no matter where in the world you’re sending it.

This alternative to FTP server software helps transfer files reliably and more securely. Estimate the gains of using Aspera versus TCP with this file-transfer calculator.

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