What is Aspera FASP®?

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What is Aspera FASP®?

Aspera is the fastest high-speed file transferring system on the market for sending large files or large volumes of files around the world. The reason Aspera wins this title is because rather than using antiquated file-sharing technologies based on TCP, such as the decades-old FTP, Aspera leverages IBM’s patented FASP protocol to send your data around the world. FASP stands for Fast, Adaptive, and Secure Protocol. 

What is FASP and why does it make Aspera the best solution your organization can adopt for high-speed file transferring? Read on to learn more.

FASP 101

The first thing you need to know about FASP is that it’s extremely fast. Aspera’s FASP technology is so fast because it fully utilizes all available bandwidth to reliably transfer files around the globe on all continents except Antarctica. This differs from old file transfer technologies like FTP, which prioritize file transfers in a first in, first out order, thus creating bottlenecks as large files need to be sent internationally and to different continents. In fact, Aspera FASP enables organizations like yours to transfer up to 100TB of data per day, as well as transfer files up to 1000X faster than FTP.

Even though FASP is able to move so much data so quickly, it’s also a smart solution for high-speed file sharing that doesn’t negatively impact your business’s other important network needs. Its adaptive rate control ensures that everyone on your network can still do what they need to do when they need to do it. With FASP, you can send large files or large volumes of data around the world without impacting other business-critical network traffic.

FASP is Natively Integrated with Leading Cloud Platforms

Today, many organizations like yours, store data in the cloud. IBM Aspera recognizes this, which is why FASP is natively integrated with leading cloud platforms including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. This means that if your organization is using a popular cloud platform, Aspera will easily work with and be the fastest high-speed file transfer solution available for sending your data to the cloud.

FASP Encrypts Data to Make File Transfers and Streaming Safe

IBM takes protecting your organization’s data or content very seriously. For this reason, FASP automatically encrypts all data that is sent through Aspera in flight. FASP can also be configured to encrypt your data at rest. When you use IBM Aspera to send big data, you can rest assured that it’s as safe as can be. Leading global organizations recognize FASP’s security capabilities and trust the protocol to share highly-confidential data, including organizations in life sciences, legal eDiscovery, and the financial industries.

Aspera FASP Doesn’t Require Any Infrastructure or Global IP Network Updates

There are several reasons that organizations who choose Aspera love it. One of the key reasons is that with FASP, you can use your existing infrastructure and global IP networks. There’s absolutely no need for you to update these key components related to high-speed global file sharing, which makes Aspera easier to implement and a more cost-effective solution to alternatives.

FASP Includes Several Add-On Functionalities

One of the aspects that makes Aspera FASP such a versatile solution for a variety of industries and organizations is that several different functionalities are built on top of it. These include:

  • File transferring functionalities.
  • Collaboration functionalities.
  • Automation functionalities.
  • Content streaming functionalities.
  • Synchronization functionalities.

Ask Us All Your Questions About FASP

If you have questions about FASP, our team of Aspera experts is here to answer them. As an IBM Gold Business Partner, we’re perfectly suited to answer all your questions about FASP, or Aspera in general, as well as help you evaluate the solution within your organization. To reach our team of business solution providers, call us today at (512) 766-8715.

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