Coming Soon: 7-part Aspera Training Course

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Coming Soon: 7-part Aspera Training Course

As we see more PacGenesis clients adopting a modernized strategy for digital file movement security, we’re finding that there’s a growing need for a comprehensive Aspera-focused training course to help users develop a foundational understanding of the Aspera solution and to support more effective implementation practices. 

To address this growing need, we here at PacGenesis are releasing a 7-part technical training series that will provide users with a comprehensive overview of the IBM Aspera Data Transfer solution as well as provide training on installation, best practices and considerations.

What This Course Will Cover
As noted, this course will be available in a 7-part series that will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to Aspera
    • FASP Protocol, Overview of Aspera
  • Transfer Server and Transfer Endpoint
    • Installation, Configuration Tools, Configuration Options, Users and Groups, Node API, Transferring Data
  • Faspex
    • Architecture and Installation, Overview, Administration, Managing Users, Workgroups and Dropboxes, Alternative Clients, Maintenance
  • Shares
    • Architecture and Installation, Overview, Nodes and Shares, Administration, Managing Users, Alternative Clients, Maintenance
  • Console
    • Architecture and Installation, Node Configuration, Users and Groups, Monitoring and Reporting, Managing Transfers, Maintenance
  • Aspera On Cloud
    • Administration, Files App, Packages App, Activity App, Automation App
  • Orchestrator
    • Architecture and Installation, Overview, Plugins, Workflows, Common Workflow Actions

Who This Course is For
Whether you’re brand new to Aspera, or you’re a seasoned vet looking to hone your Aspera skills, we’re sure that you’ll find a lot of value from attending this course. We’ve tailored this course with the intention to ensure that the content is accessible to users of all technical backgrounds and experience levels. Further, we’ll ensure that the course material is always available to review following a section if you want to continue to build on your understanding offline.

What You’ll Take Away From This Course
This course will provide you access to an immersive technical training on all aspects of the Aspera solution. Not only will you benefit from the thorough technical training on Aspera, but you will also gain a deeper understanding of all of the ancillary services, and dependent concepts needed to optimize your deployment of Aspera.

Lastly, whether you are looking to adopt a modernized cloud presence, create resiliency with orchestration, or optimize an on-premise deployment, this course will grant you a deeper understanding of the relevant deployment scenarios and considerations as you develop your strategy for digital file movement security with Aspera.

Contact Us To Learn More About Our 7-part Aspera Training Course!
As an IBM Gold Business Partner, we’re here to provide you with access to cutting edge solutions as well as the accompanying training to support it. If you have any questions about this upcoming training course, please feel free to reach out by giving us a call at (512) 766-8715.


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