How Does IBM Aspera Work?

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How Does IBM Aspera Work?

IBM Aspera has become the software solution for sending big files at high-speed around the globe. It is based on the point-to-point UDP protocol that overcomes TCP/IP insufficiency over long-distance networks. 

Built on the award-winning IBM FASP, Aspera allows transfers to quickly ramp to fully utilize a shared network’s available bandwidth by dynamically detecting and adjusting the transfer rate as necessary, allowing other TCP-based apps to function properly.

At the heart of the Aspera solutions is the patented FASP transport software technology. The award-winning protocol overcomes traditional TCP-based transfer limitations, maximizing the usage of bandwidth without impacting other network traffic. Using Aspera High-Speed Transfer Service and IBM Aspera on Cloud solution, your business can securely transfer critical files and data sets anywhere at maximum speed.

Through the Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server, your business can migrate, deliver, and sync data, as well as collaborate on that data and automate workflows. Utilizing patented Aspera FASP transport technology, this software delivers unmatched performance with maximum transfer throughput independent of distance and network conditions at speeds up to 100s of times faster than FTP/TCP. 

Using a rich set of APIs, it can be embedded into any 3rd party or custom web application to serve as the high-speed backbone for transfers of file-based and streaming data over the public Internet or private IP links.

IBM Aspera on Cloud is a hosted service that allows companies to securely and reliably move big data across on-premises and multi-cloud environments. The direct-to-cloud transport technology moves data all the way to the cloud storage layer, protecting valuable data with enterprise-grade security (AES 128/256). To write direct-to-cloud it integrates FASP high-speed transport over the WAN to the compute layer and does an in-memory read/write via multi-threaded HTTP to the cloud object storage layer.

Using a file-system-like structure, your business can move folders across data centers and cloud platforms using drag-and-drop, protected by a powerful access control model managed by service administrators. Aspera on Cloud technology also includes important features like pause, automatic resume, reporting, encryption over the wire, and at rest.

Migrating Data

IBM Aspera offers a patented high-speed data technology that uses your existing network to securely migrate large amounts of data. Using the Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server, you can complete transfers via on-premises to cloud, cloud to on-premises, on-premises to on-premises, and cloud to cloud.

Deliver Data

Deliver and distribute data between systems, employees, customers, and partners around the world wherever you need it. Deploy the solution either on-premises in your data center or in the cloud.

Automate Workflows

IBM Aspera automation solutions can help manage and automate any file transfers and processing involving multiple business-application processes, regardless of complexity. You can integrate Aspera into other existing applications and workflows using APIs that provide high-speed WANs. Utilize the hot folder services and define pre- and post-delivery functionality using a scriptable command-line, web service, or SDK library.


Through Aspera, your business can have an ultra-fast, robust, and secure file-sharing and file-sending solution. After choosing where it is the team will be collaborating — desktop, browser, mobile — using Aspera can connect those sources to data across multiple clouds and on-premise data centers. Through the intuitive email-style interface, the collaboration solution makes it easy to attach and send files or folders of any size. 


IBM Aspera lets you quickly and securely replicate and synchronize big data. The synchronization solution recognizes changes and file system operations, instantly propagating to remote peers. With the ability to configure to your needs, you can choose from server options that include unidirectional and bidirectional sync and one-to-one, one-to-many, and full-mesh sync in push and pull mode over WANs and LANs.

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