Learn About Aspera Console Features and Functionalities

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Learn About Aspera Console Features and Functionalities

As we’re talking to organizations that are considering adopting IBM Aspera for high-speed file transfers, they’re understandably curious how much control their admins will have over the solution. Just as Aspera is the best-in-class solution for high-speed file transfers, the Aspera Console for admins allows you to have a full view of your organization’s file transfer activity, set pre-determined or on-the-fly controls, and so much more.

What is the Aspera Console?
The Aspera Console is a web-based application that users can access on Windows or Linux using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. It’s designed to provide users with centralized monitoring and control of their organization’s Aspera usage. A user-friendly dashboard provides instant highlights of an organization’s activities, with the ability to drill-down into specific details that an admin might need.

What Does the Aspera Console Allow You to Do?
The Aspera Console gives you complete control of your organization’s usage of this high-speed file transfer solution. With the Aspera Console, you have:

  • Centralized Monitoring and Control
    As an organization that can transfer up to 1TB of data per day with Aspera, it’s important that you’re able to get a complete picture of your Aspera activity, monitor transfers, and make ad-hoc adjustments as needed. These features are exactly what the Aspera Console provides.

    When you use the Aspera Console, you can:
    • Quickly see an overview of your organization’s Aspera usage and history, and drill-down to see specific details about a selected file transfer or node activity.
    • Adjust transfer speeds and priorities on the fly to meet your organization’s priorities and needs.
    • Remotely initiate ad-hoc transfers between nodes.
    • Create “Smart Transfers,” to distribute data to multiple locations. These Smart Transfers can be saved as templates and reused over and over again as your organization sees fit.
  • The Ability to Automate Transfers
    Sometimes organizations benefit from having automated transfers, either in an ad-hoc or recurring scenario. The Aspera Console helps users easily perform this task. 

    Automated transfers can include the above-mentioned Smart Transfers that Aspera supports. Smart Transfers can:
    • Send files to multiple locations at once.
    • Support transfers initiated behind the Aspera Proxy.
    • Pull transfers initiated from the destination mode.
  • Additionally, Smart Transfers make it easier for users to manage permission settings for sharing.
  • Finally, the Aspera Console integrates with Aspera Sync. This allows users to report on multi-site, multi-direction file synchronizations. 
  • Node and User Management Functionality
    The Aspera Console makes it easy to manage all node properties. These include managing a node’s:
    • Bandwidth controls.
    • Encryption settings.
    • Email notifications.
  • Admins have the ability to configure transfer settings and create authorization policies by users or groups, which gives your organization great control over transfer settings.
  • Customizable Reporting and Auditing Tools
    Reporting and auditing is an important, built-in functionality of the Aspera Console that enables your organization to see how Aspera is working for you and make any setting adjustments necessary to maximize the solution’s performance to its fullest potential.

    The Aspera console enables reporting and auditing by:
    • Querying transfer reporting data from managed nodes by leveraging the Aspera node API.
    • Maintaining a central transfer database. This database is capable of performing automated backups and purges.
    • Giving users the ability to create transfer reports by date or IP address, and download them as XML or CSV files.
    • Providing customizable reporting with a graphical composer.

Ask Us Anything About the Aspera Console
As an IBM Gold Business Partner, we’re experts on everything about Aspera, including the Aspera Console. If you have any questions about how your admins can use the Aspera Console to monitor and manage file transfers or any other IBM Aspera questions, call us today at (512) 766-8715.


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