Accessing the Faspex 5 Utility Application

Accessing the Faspex 5 Utility Application
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Accessing the Faspex 5 Utility Application


IBM Faspex 5 is the latest version of the popular Faspex web application, with modern architecture and an updated user interface.

In its initial release, Faspex 5 supports the familiar package sending-and-receiving workflow but will be extended in the future to include file-and-folder sharing (currently available in Aspera Shares), transfer monitoring, and automation (currently available in Aspera Console).

Faspex now includes a completely separate application, Faspex Utility App, for some administrative functions:

  • Backing up the database
  • Restoring the database
  • Migrating the database
  • Managing local (non-SAML) admin credentials
  • Determining duplicate email addresses
  • Monitoring database performance


The Utility app is completely separate from the other components of the main Faspex application with its own credentials. These can be viewed or configured at /opt/aspera/faspex/conf/docker/utility.env:

If you change these credentials, re-run faspexctl setup.

Faspex Utility Web Interface

Access the web interface of the Faspex Utility App by visiting:


After logging in, you will have access to lower-level functionality such as managing the database:

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