Big Data Transfer Solution for Businesses

Big Data Transfer Solution For Businesses
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Big Data Transfer Solution for Businesses

In today’s world, businesses are facing challenges when trying to transfer big data sets and large files across global sites and teams quickly and reliably. If they can’t meet these needs, it can limit their organization’s ability to meet business goals. Whether they need to send important data for critical analysis or upload large volumes of new video content, the speed it moves over can be crucial.

Unfortunately, most data transfer solutions cannot reliably and securely move these files at high speeds due to bottlenecks inherent to Internet transfer solutions like TCP and FTP. In order to accomplish high performance from sender to recipient, a new and different approach to big data is needed. It calls for an end-to-end solution that fully utilizes available bandwidth.

Big Data Transfer Using IBM Aspera

IBM Aspera can help businesses transfer big data using their transport technology, FASP® (Fast, Adaptive and Secure Protocol). This proprietary technology provides reliable and secure file transfer and delivery. It eliminates those bottlenecks and risks associated with decades-old technology. Aspera also delivers high performance without impacting important business network traffic using its unique adaptive rate control.

No matter what industry, Aspera helps move big data at maximum speed for nearly all business needs:

  • High-speed sharing of files and source code synchronization
  • Collaborate on large data and images
  • Faster capture and high-performance computing analysis
  • Transfer rich media and data
  • Real-time content streaming
  • Send studies and inspection videos

Benefits of Using IBM Aspera

On top of being the world’s fastest file transfer solution, IBM Aspera’s hosted service enables businesses to transfer, exchange, and deliver from any location to another in the world.

Transfer Big Data at Record Speed

With Aspera, you don’t have to worry about making sure data gets to where it needs on time. It delivers speeds up to hundreds of times faster than older technology, allowing 100 TB or more per day. Businesses can migrate and replicate big data repositories and archives from on-premises data centers and leading clouds.

Uses Available Bandwidth

The adaptive rate control ensures transfers will fully utilize available bandwidth without disturbing other network traffic. During periods of high network congestion, built-in prioritization controls ensure timely acquisition and distribution of any asset deemed high priority.

Comprehensive, Built-In Security

Included in Aspera is the patented FASP protocol that offers built-in security for big data transfers using the standard open-source OpenSSL Toolkit. It provides secure authentication of transfer endpoints, on-the-fly data encryption, and integrity verification for each transmission.

Learn More About Aspera from PacGenesis

If your organization needs to transfer big data files, consider contacting our team at PacGenesis about Aspera. As an IBM Gold-status partner, we have over 10 years of experience helping organizations adopt new big data transfer solutions. We can help your business by answering any questions or concerns related to large file transfer capabilities.

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