What is Signiant App?

What is Signiant App?
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What is Signiant App?

What is Signiant App?

Signiant, a file transfer software solution company, has the Signiant App which connects your computer to Media Shuttle, their cloud-native SaaS solutions for large file transfers. It allows transfers of multiple files and various sizes. 

If you’re looking for different software options to determine which solution is the best high-speed file transfer and content streaming solution for your business, we want to help. Many companies like yours find themselves evaluating how Signiant compares to IBM Aspera. As business professionals knowledgeable in both software options, we’re here to help explain the differences to you.

The Benefits of Aspera vs Signiant

When evaluating the software solution for your organization, it’s important to consider user experience, security, automation, and pricing. Since both are considered one of the most secure services, here are a few of the benefits provided by Aspera that you may not get with Signiant.

Simple User Experience for End Users and Admins

One of the key aspects of getting end-users to adopt a new software is ensuring that it is simple and easy to use. Organizations that have adopted Signiant report its user interface is confusing and cumbersome. They also report that, after purchasing, they need to have internal training sessions and tutorials just to teach their employees how to use it.

With IBM Aspera, its user experience is simple and easy to understand. While we still host Aspera training sessions to help clients introduce and deploy Aspera throughout their organizations, the feedback we’ve heard from our clients is that it is straightforward and intuitive.

Digital Watermarking

While both Aspera and Signiant allow companies to add forensic watermarks to their content and media, only Aspera integrates with Irdeto Tracemark. Created and supported by the world’s leader in digital platform security, Irdeto has been trusted by global companies needing cybersecurity. When it comes to adding forensic watermarks, you can add it to your content with a click of a button through the combined power of IBM Aspera and Irdeto.

Workflow Automation Functionality

With Signiant, unless you purchase a third-party application for automation, you’ll have very limited automation options available to your organization. IBM doesn’t want you to waste time with manual processes or having to purchase expensive add-ons just to get data where it needs to go. Aspera also offers several automation features, allowing you to replicate workflows and get data and content to their destination faster.

Flexible Pricing Options

Signiant offers their solution at one price with the option to pay monthly or annually. Many organizations find this can be expensive and inflexible, especially if large file transfers are not needed daily. IBM Aspera gives your organization the freedom to choose between three different licensing models (perpetual, term, and SaaS). You can purchase on an annual basis, or pay as you go for the amount of data you transfer or stream. 

Contact PacGenesis with Questions

Evaluating high-speed file transfer and content streaming solutions is important to any business, and we understand you want to do your due diligence before choosing an application for your organization. As an IBM Gold Business Partner, we can help you and explain the benefits of Aspera to you as well as how it stacks up against competing solutions like Signiant.

If you have any questions about Aspera, Signiant, or using Aspera through your organization, contact us today at (512) 766-8715.

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