The Benefits of Irdeto vs Nagra NexGuard

The Benefits of Irdeto vs Nagra NexGuard
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The Benefits of Irdeto vs Nagra NexGuard

Cybercrimes have become a large threat to many industries. Sophisticated technologies and techniques have evolved, allowing criminals to circumvent security measures and steal content, media, and data to generate their own profit. To stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, businesses need to invest in cybersecurity expertise to ensure they’ve done all they can to protect their property and investments.

In this article, we break down two common cybersecurity solutions, what the differences are, and which provides more protection for your company.

About Nagra NexGuard

Nagra NexGuard provides forensic watermarking solutions. It helps protect a content owner’s investment by identifying the source of a content leak quickly so that the proper anti-piracy action can be taken. Their watermarks are imperceptible to the consumer so that there is no degradation of the viewing experience.

  • Nexguard forensic watermarks can be embedded at any point in the content production lifecycle and contribution/distribution chain.
  • It can be applied at a consumer session and device level to pinpoint the source of a piracy leak.
  • It can also be applied by projectors within a movie theatre to pinpoint the time and location of in-theatre camcorder-based piracy.

About Irdeto

Irdeto has developed a complete solution of cyber services that help companies identify, investigate, analyze, stop, and eliminate threats. They have provided modernized content security protection for over 50 years, protecting platforms and apps with the most robust cybersecurity solution on the market for a variety of industries like video entertainment, video games, connected transport, connected health, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Their services include:

  • A dedicated team of investigators, legal specialists, law enforcement specialists, cryptography experts, forensic analysts, and more to help eliminate and prosecute any threats.
  • Enforcing and removing any infringing advertisements using web crawling, human analysis, effective compliance, and professional reporting.
  • Combined expert analyst interaction with automated tools to detect and gather data on a wide range of threats in the open, deep, and dark web.
  • Cybersecurity experts, pen-testers, and reverse engineers that help perform target security assessments on cloud, web, and mobile apps or hardware.
  • Provide continuous monitoring for threats, verified breach response, platform integration restoration, rapid disruption of pirates’ revenue streams, and more.

Irdeto also provides Irdeto TraceMark, which is a cloud-based SaaS solution that embeds an invisible, unique forensic watermark in every download asset. It helps not only identify the content distribution channel, but also the recipient of the asset.

You can also leverage the built-in integration with IBM Aspera for content delivery and collaboration. Content can be delivered as an individual watermarked asset to a number of recipients, seamlessly accelerating the transfer of data. It enables simple and effective content exchange and security business processes.

PacGenesis Provides Irdeto & Irdeto Tracemark

It is important that you find a way to protect your content and data. At PacGenesis, we help major brands across different industries protect their platforms and apps against cybercriminals. Verified Irdeto partners, we can help you figure out if Irdeto is the right solution for you. Contact us today to learn more about the importance of cybersecurity and forensic watermarking, and how Irdeto can help protect your company.
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