Protecting Apps & Platforms from Cybercriminals

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Protecting Apps & Platforms from Cybercriminals

In today’s modern technological age, we’re seeing an acceleration in the consumption and use of applications and platforms used to support critical everyday operations of a business. Just in 2020 alone, there was a total of 426 billion USD spent on enterprise software. With this massive spend on applications and platforms and a dependency on these services to ensure business continuity, keeping these applications and platforms online and protected is critical. 

Unfortunately, as businesses become more technologically advanced and use more applications and platforms to support their business operations, cybercriminals gain more and more unique ways to gain access into an organization’s technical assets. 

Today’s Challenges for Application & Platform Security
As we move into 2021, cybercrime is projected to account for $6 trillion lost globally. This is a massive amount of loss due to unforeseen vulnerabilities within applications and platforms that leave organizations at the mercy of cybercriminals. Unfortunately, we’re finding that as technological advancement accelerates and new unique applications and platforms help businesses grow, build revenue and break into new markets, challenges arise in keeping these applications secure and up to date. 

Today’s Solutions to Application & Platform Security
To battle this growing demand for protection of critical applications platforms and IP, organizations like 5th Kind and Irdeto are constantly evolving to provide cutting edge solutions in application and platform security to combat the tactics of today’s cybercriminals. With a combined 70 years of experience, 5th Kind and Irdeto have made it their mission to understand today’s challenges in application and platform security, and offer cutting-edge solutions to address these challenges. 

5th Kind
CORE by 5th Kind provides organizations with a centralized platform for seamless secure collaboration. Built with security as the foundation of their solution, CORE provides on-the-fly visual and forensic watermarking when viewing videos, secure access allows HTTPS access using SSL/TLS 1.2 and authentication based on latest OAuth 2.0 standards, to name a barely scrape the surface in their security posture for CORE. 

Notable 5th Kind Features:


  • High-speed upload and download of any file size or file type
  • The ability to download groups of files as the files are available (no need for zip)
  • Multiple resolution proxy creations of over 300 image formats including raw formats like HDR, CR2, NEF, and DPX


  • Embedded metadata protocols supported, extracted, and searchable (IPTC, EXIF, XMP, and SMPTE video)
  • Flexible taxonomy and tagging structures supporting structures within a single system
  • Unlimited custom metadata categories, groups, fields, values, and relationships


  • Simple sharing and distribution workflows, including ad-hoc package creation
  • Shopping-cart like experience for package/playlist creation and distribution
  • Drag and drop package creation with custom playlist ordering
  • Integrated review and approval workflow, supporting multiple status types


  • On-the-fly visual and forensic watermarking when viewing videos
  • On-the-fly visual watermarking when viewing images and documents
  • Baked-in visual watermarking for sharing and downloading
  • File access rules based on any piece of file metadata within a system

A full list of 5th Kind features can be found here.

Irdeto, much like 5th kind has focused their business efforts to support organizations through providing security solutions at every layer of today’s business. With over 50 years of experience providing security solutions for businesses, Irdeto has built the expertise to understand the market needs for security solutions and be poised to provide cutting-edge solutions to address those needs. 

Aside from providing top quality managed services, software security, and content security, Irdeto is also providing organizations with:  

  • Device Security
    Irdeto Keys & Credentials for Routers provides enhanced security for broadband CPE through a fully managed service. This device security solution provides recoverability and improves resilience for both CPE and ISP infrastructure. 
  • Revenue Security
    Irdeto focuses on revenue security through cybercrime protection initiatives. Irdeto offers a wide range of security services from full-service managed services to applications and service offerings to minimize attacks. To learn more about revenue security through cyber services, check out their full write-up on cyber services here.
  • Hybrid STBs
    Irdeto offers hybrid STBs Solutions through Android TV Security. For organizations using Android TV, Irdeto offers solutions to ensure that open platforms are secure and businesses can use these solutions with confidence.
  • Access Control 
    Keystone is Irdeto’s flagship access control / digital key solution that provides a secure, policy-based platform that leverages Bluetooth™ Low Energy technology to enable proximity-based vehicle access using a smartphone. At every corner, Irdeto is looking to keep organizations more secure through security solutions ranging in various use cases. Read more on Keystone here.

Next Steps
If you’re interested in learning more about application security or platform security in the fight against cybercriminals, consider reaching out to the trusted team here at PacGenesis. We here at PacGenesis have over 10 years of experience supporting organizations through acting as a trusted advisor in the acquisition and implementation of solutions including, but not limited to Irdeto & 5th Kind.
With over four hundred customers and nine hundred thousand terabytes transferred, PacGenesis has earned the title of a Trusted Advisor in the data security space. To learn more about PacGenesis, follow @PacGenesis on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or go to to contact us.


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