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Collaborate on Files the Most Secure Way Possible
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5th Kind provides best-in-class collaboration solutions that keep your company’s information safe and secure.

We know that collaboration is key to a project’s success. But with the world more connected than ever before, and distributed teams needing to collaborate on the same files, keeping you collaborating anytime, anywhere while keeping data safe is a challenge for many organizations.
Incredibly Flexible
Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 100, CORE can be configured to meet your organization’s unique needs.
Collaborate Anywhere
Work wherever you are on files that are shared with distributed teams on any device you happen to have access to.
Intuitive Design
Collaboration shouldn’t be delayed by solutions that are hard to use. 5th Kind’s CORE interface is easy to navigate and use.
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5th Kind provides a complete solution for collaborating with your entire project team.

5th Kind is one of the world’s leading enterprise Digital Asset Management organizations, providing enhanced security and support for the entertainment industry through their flagship security offering CORE. 5th Kind’s CORE promotes enhanced security through centralizing and securing all digital files to improve collaboration, eliminate duplication, simplify access and reduce costs. 5th Kind’s CORE provides streamlined accessibility making it the perfect addition to every tech company’s toolbox when it comes to protecting digital assets. Now, with 5th Kind’s CORE, you can be sure that your digital assets are safe, and your team can seamlessly access and collaborate without the worry of your data being compromised.
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Collaborate with Everyone

Use one solution to collaborate with people in your office, at distributed locations, and with vendors.

Centralize Assets

Keep all of your organization's data and files in one location for easy access and tracking of assets.

Stay Secure

Share files across the world while keeping them safe and secure from would-be cybercriminals.