Learning About Cyber Security

Learning About Cyber Security in 2022

Learning About Cyber Security

As technology continues to evolve, the demand for cybersecurity grows with it. Whether it’s being used to protect people’s home computers or a company’s entire system, it is crucial to protect sensitive and private information from hackers. For individuals, it’s crucial to protecting any information they input online like bank accounts, social security numbers, and passwords so it can’t be stolen and used. Similarly, businesses have to protect their employees and clients, especially if their information can be sold for money.

Many people wonder if cyber security is hard to learn. If cyber security and its field is new to you, it may seem overwhelming. Learn more about cyber security below and what can make it difficult to learn.

Is Cyber Security Hard?

In cyber security, there may be difficult concepts that require more technical knowledge, but it depends on the specialty and individual job requirements. There are some factors that can be hard to learn:

  • There are many complex cyber security tools, technical skills, and softwares that a cyber security professional must be familiar with. This includes tools and software that help with intrusion detection systems, firewalls, vulnerability scanners, etc.
  • As the field discovers new vulnerabilities and threats, cyber security professionals have to stay up-to-date on them and the tools that can be used to ward against them. Cyber security professionals must always keep learning, which can be hard to do.
  • Just as there are new threats that arise, technology used in cyber security is constantly changing. How you protect against malware in 2022 may be different in 2024.

How to Get Started with Cyber Security

In order to start in cyber security, you have to know the basics. Whether you pursue a degree or want to expand your technical skills, there are a variety of ways to build your cyber security knowledge. For example, a Bachelor’s degree can take three to four years in most places, while Master’s degrees and Ph.D.’s take two to five years. Most cyber security courses are designed for beginners and experts.

The internet is also abundant in resources like tutorials, articles, and video lectures that can help build your foundation. There are also certification programs that offer free resources. 

How to Improve Cyber Security Skills

Any new skill comes with its challenges. If you’re willing to learn, it will get easier the longer you pursue it.

  1. Mentors

Mentors are industry experts that have a long history in the field, making them a valuable asset in career growth and development. They can help you understand the basics, identify opportunities, develop your skills, and help you network.

  1. Certifications

Getting certified in cyber security will not only help prove your expertise, but it will also help you learn more. Some topics covered in certifications are network security, cryptography, operating systems, web applications, and more.

  1. Events and presentations

Attending conferences and workshops keeps you up-to-date with the latest security threats, technologies, and strategies. It can also help connect you to other experts in the field.

  1. Specialties

In cyber security, you can choose a specific skill set for yourself. Whether you want to work with information systems or implement security measures within businesses, some specialties include data loss prevention, penetration testing, secure software development, governance, risk and compliance, and more.

Learn About Cybersecurity with PacGenesis

As technology continues to advance, the demand for cyber security professionals will continue to grow strongly. At PacGenesis, we’ve been working in cyber security for over 10 years. We help businesses find solutions to help keep their business data safe. Always learning about the latest cutting-edge security solutions, we’ve partnered with industry leaders to make sure we’re meeting your organization’s needs. To learn more about cyber security, contact us today. 
To learn more about PacGenesis, follow @PacGenesis on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or visit us at pacgenesis.com.


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