PacGenesis Aligns with Top Cybersecurity Company, Trend Micro

PacGenesis Aligns with Top Cybersecurity Company, Trend Micro
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PacGenesis Aligns with Top Cybersecurity Company, Trend Micro

PacGenesis, a Premier IBM Aspera Business partner, has been selected to align with Trend Micro, the global leader in cloud security. This will allow for the most secure protection of high-speed content transfer workflows with File Scanning from Trend Micro Cloud One File Security. This superior security will be available in Q1 2022 as a central component to PacGenesis’ goals to secure digital assets and ensure high-speed workflows with IBM Aspera for businesses.

Customers of PacGenesis are increasingly leveraging AWS and Azure for workflows, which are some of the supported public clouds protected by Trend Micro. This makes the Trend Micro solution a perfect complement to PacGenesis’ focus with IBM Aspera high-value data workflows. 

“At PacGenesis, we’re always looking to expand our services with offerings that drive value for our clients,” said Dipak Chocha, Executive VP of PacGenesis, “We’re excited about this new partnership with Trend Micro and can’t wait to see our customers utilize the technology in their complex ingest workflows and valuable data.”

The world’s broadest cloud security platform from Trend Micro provides security for cloud file and object storage services. It protects downstream workflows through innovative techniques like malware scanning, integration into custom cloud processes, and broad cloud storage platform support. Businesses will be able to decrease threat vectors with file reputation, virus detection, variant protection, extensive flexibility, and advanced intel.

Join our webinar on February 17th, 2022 to learn more about how you can protect your content from malware with Aspera and Trend Micro Cloud. You can also learn more about PacGenesis by visiting the website at or following @PacGenesis on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About PacGenesis

PacGenesis is a team of experts in file transfer and cybersecurity with deep partnerships with IBM Aspera for file movement in a wide range of industries. Award winners of the IBM Gold Business Partner, IBM Excellence Award SaaS Innovation, IBM Excellence Award, and ICE Partner of the Year, PacGenesis is also partnered with Irdeto for Cyber Security and 5th Kind for Metadata management and collaboration.

To learn more about PacGenesis, follow @PacGenesis on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or go to


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