Irdeto and IBM Team Up to Provide Best-in-Class, Pre-integrated Solution for Transferring Videos That Have Forensic Watermarking to Track Leaks

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Irdeto and IBM Team Up to Provide Best-in-Class, Pre-integrated Solution for Transferring Videos That Have Forensic Watermarking to Track Leaks

With high-speed Internet access more available than ever before, Internet piracy is on the rise. In fact, the illegal downloading of video content is expected to cost the global Media & Entertainment industry a huge $67 billion in lost revenue by 2023. Also as of today, there are 600 million monthly visits to the top 500 Internet piracy linking websites. Clearly, online piracy is proliferating.

But these numbers don’t mean that content owners, post-production studios, and content aggregators like you must accept defeat against Internet pirates and those who skirt the law and consume pirated media. A new integration between Irdeto, the world’s leader in platform security, and IBM Aspera, the world’s fastest solution for high-speed file transfers and content streaming, is making it easier than ever to trace Internet piracy leaks via forensic watermarking so you can spring into action and rightfully protect your video content.

What is Forensic Watermarking?
Forensic watermarking is an effective way to digitally watermark video content so that online leaks can be traced and appropriate action can be taken. With TraceMark, Irdeto’s technology hides a unique digital watermark inside the file of every video you send or stream through Aspera. This digital watermark is trackable so that if the video is leaked, you can trace back to where that content was originally posted or streamed to better fight illegal downloads and Internet piracy.

Introducing TraceMark™
In the past, sending or streaming video content while also adding forensic watermarks to it were two separate workflows that were time-consuming and expensive to integrate. Thanks to Irdeto and IBM Aspera, that old, cumbersome process is now a thing of the past.

TraceMark, by Irdeto, is now integrated with IBM Aspera. This first-to-market integration means that businesses in the Media & Entertainment industry like yours can easily send or stream video content while forensic watermarks are automatically added to that content. You can also watermark video content on-the-fly. This integration means you can both trace illegal video leaks on the Internet more easily, while also reducing your actual costs and man-hours to do so.

Irdeto and IBM Offer Flexible TraceMark Pricing Options for Media & Entertainment of All Sizes
The new integration by Irdeto and IBM Aspera is being lauded for its pricing flexibility that brings this important forensic watermarking technology to Media & Entertainment companies of all sizes and budgets.

This integration is available as either an annual fee, ideal for larger organizations that have lots of video content to watermark, or a “pay-as-you-go” model, which is perfect for organizations who need to add forensic watermarks to their video content, but don’t have the volume of videos to send or stream that justifies an annual subscription to the Irdeto and IBM Aspera solution.

Irdeto and IBM Aspera Choose PacGenesis as Their Exclusive Business Solutions Provider to Sell and Provide Customer Support for this Integration
In order to bring this highly technical Media & Entertainment internet piracy solution to the market, both Irdeto and IBM needed to find a knowledgeable Media & Entertainment business solutions provider who understands both the technology and how content owners, post-production studios, and content aggregators need to use it. They found their partner in PacGenesis, an IBM Gold Business Partner with extensive experience in the Media & Entertainment industry, including experience working with major motion picture studios that are household names.

PacGenesis is exclusively selling and providing customer support for the TraceMark and IBM Aspera integration and is ready to help you learn more about the solution, evaluate it, and determine a pricing model that best works for your organization.

Contact PacGenesis to Learn More
To learn more about the integration of TraceMark with IBM Aspera, simply reach out to PacGenesis. You can call their team of knowledgeable Media & Entertainment workflow experts at (512) 766-8715 or email them at


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