Installing Aspera Orchestrator with Virtual Catcher Workflows

Installing Aspera Orchestrator with Virtual Catcher Workflows
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Installing Aspera Orchestrator with Virtual Catcher Workflows

With IBM announcing the end of support for Aspera Virtual Catcher (AVC), many long-time users and customers of the product may be wondering what options they have for their AVC workflows.  Fortunately for the Aspera customer base, there is a long-term solution and PacGenesis has built the tech to make the transition easy.

Aspera Virtual Catcher is technically a stripped-down version of Aspera Orchestrator with predefined workflows.  However, migrating from AVC to Aspera Orchestrator has never been as simple as clicking a button or running a single command, until now.

The technical team at PacGenesis has automated the installation and configuration of Aspera Orchestrator with AVC workflows, making the migration off of AVC to Orchestrator quick and easy.  The process consists of just a few easy steps:

  1. Run PacGenesis proprietary automation utility

    chmod a+x install_avc
  2. Copy in your Aspera Orchestrator License

    cp orchestrator-xxx.aspera-license /opt/aspera/var/config/orchestrator/license
  3. Configure Aspera Cargo for your particular use case

These simple steps will have you up and running in minutes with a fully functional Aspera Orchestrator install configured for your AVC workflows.  If you’re still using Aspera Virtual Catcher unsupported, please reach out to to discuss licensing requirements and to get access to our proprietary automation utility.

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