How to Build a Content Management System

How to Build a Content Management System

How to Build a Content Management System

Over the past decade, the interface between humans and technology has become increasingly accommodating to the user, favoring ease of use over technological know-how. Whether it’s building a website, storing files in the cloud, or building sophisticated applications through pre-built microservices, we’re finding that development practices and the usability of technology is being designed in such a way to minimize the need for technical know-how.

This pursuit of ease-of-use and approachability is driving the advancement and adoption of content management systems. 

What is a Content Management System?

A content management system is an application platform designed to create, manage, store, and present digital content. One of the key principles of a content management system is that it achieves these ends through intuitive, drag-and-drop-style platforms that allow users to gain enhanced usability out of their digital content without needing a technical development background. 

If you’re still wondering what a content management system is, have you ever used DropBox or Google Drive? These platforms can be considered content management systems as they allow users to manage files, folders, and documents in an easy drag-and-drop-style interface. 

How Are Content Management Systems Used In the Entertainment Industry?

Aside from some of the previously mentioned examples of more user-focused content management systems, there are also content management systems that are designed to provide value for organizations within the Media & Entertainment industry. For example, Boon AI is a content management system that leverages machine learning to automate tedious tasks related to media asset management. For example, Boon AI can automate processes such as label detection, face detection, logo detection, indexing, and other processes related to media asset management that are typically laborious, time-consuming, and error-prone. 

How to Create a Content Management System?

One of the most critical considerations when creating a content management system is to consider the intentio. Often, content management system vendors build their platforms to be as customizable with the end-user in mind. So, in reality, the question isn’t as much “how to create a content management system,” but rather which content management system will allow for the customizations needed to meet my unique needs. When approaching the processes of building a content management system, it’s important to list out the specific functionality one is looking for out of their CMS. In doing so, you may find that the asset management needs that you’re looking for are readily available in a pre-designed end-to-end content management system that is flexible enough to meet your unique use case. 

Next Steps

With all of this in mind, if you’re interested in learning more about today’s cutting-edge content management systems such as Boon AI and 5th Kind, consider reaching out to our team here at PacGenesis. At PacGenesis, we’ve spent over 10 years supporting organizations that are looking to protect critical applications and platforms through leveraging solutions such as 5th Kind, and Boon AI
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