Forensic Watermarking for Digital Cinema

Forensic Watermarking for Digital Cinema
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Forensic Watermarking for Digital Cinema

Pirates and counterfeiters are on the lookout to exploit your brand and steal your films and TV shows. With the increasing availability of premium HD and HDR content, there’s an increasing need to protect your content. As an owner, your distribution network plays a critical role in delivering your content around the globe, and if there are any leaks, the damage to your investment and potential revenue is massive.

Having a sealed distribution network is critical in combating the global piracy problem. Your ability to negotiate a lucrative distribution agreement in a new market can be severely compromised should a pirate get ahold of content from a leak. That’s why it’s crucial to protect your premium content with a forensic watermarking solution.

Choosing a Forensic Watermarking Solution for Digital Cinema

Forensic watermarking helps to identify the source of a content leak quickly and efficiently so that effective anti-piracy action can be taken. With forensic watermarking, you’ll be able to keep your content from being compromised by pirates. When choosing the right solution, you want to look for a partner that:

Supports all premium content, including HD and Ultra HD

They should provide watermarking for various mezzanine and broadcast-quality distribution formats. It should also be able to maintain the superior visual quality of mezzanine content.

Does not impact the user experience

The solution should not affect download speeds, but instead, make it a seamless deployment experience for your distributors without the need for client-side software changes. 

Provides fast, easy, and scalable deployment

There should not be any bottlenecks added into your distribution process when adding a forensic watermarking solution. It should automatically scale to handle urgent deliveries and peak demands in your distribution network.

Uses a single, uniform solution for all distribution needs

​​There should be no need to change any internal workflows to implement your solution. Once you upload an asset for watermarking, it can only be downloaded as an individually marked asset.

Offers effective identification and rights enforcement actions

The winning formula to get the most benefit from forensic watermarking requires a combination of robust technologies, scalable services, and anti-piracy expertise.

Irdeto Offers Forensic Watermarking for Digital Cinema

Irdeto TraceMark for Distribution is a cloud-based managed service that embeds invisible, unique forensic watermarks in every downloaded asset that identifies the content distribution channel. Fully automated, it watermarks a wide range of assets in a centralized, consistent way that replaces disparate visual marking methods and manual workflows. Irdeto TraceMark and its associated services will help you identify the source of pirated content, immediately shut down illegal services, and investigate and prosecute commercial pirates.

Protect Your Digital Cinema with PacGenesis

PacGenesis helps businesses like yours protect their content from pirates by offering secure solutions like Irdeto TraceMark. As a verified partner of Irdeto, we specialize in Irdeto TraceMark and provide guidance and education to get your company quickly ramped up. With over 10 years of experience, we have worked with a variety of different companies in many industries with forensic watermarking. Contact us today to discuss your content security needs and to learn more about Irdeto’s solutions.

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