CORE Screener by 5th Kind


CORE Screener by 5th Kind

CORE Screener is a platform by 5th Kind that enables its users to view any type of video content through any device. The focus is to streamline all aspects of the pipelines and the absorption of all content data with one simple click to review. 

By using CORE Screener, users will benefit from its many capabilities including, uploading any file size (accelerated by Aspera), ingest any codec with transcoding to an optimal streaming format, stream globally with adaptive bit-rates through a CDN, and many more.

CORE Screener truly provides exceptional service to users through a blend of completely dependable security, extensive functionality, and a rather simple user experience.

Elements of CORE Screener

The following elements of CORE Screener’s platform, are of high-quality capabilities and features.


CORE is a platform, by 5th Kind, that ensures secure and systematic digital workflows. Top studios and production teams have relied on CORE for several years, as it combines and speeds up all phases of production on all devices from anywhere. CORE delivers a custom-built workflow and combined user experience that boosts internal and external teams with the ability to take action at a moment’s notice. Some of CORE’s features include advanced metadata management, sub-clipping, real-time collaboration tools, unlimited file size, and more.


With CORE Live, users have the ability to stream, review, and annotate live video and production assets to a limitless amount of end-users globally, with no further hardware needed. It allows complete remote production. CORE Live features high streaming from unlimited sources, real-time tagging and note tools, the capacity to multicast to a limitless number of recipients, etc. 5th Kind’s proprietary CORE ID™ technology adds a special cryptographic watermark in real-time to each frame of remote video, graphics, scripts, and any other digital assets to guarantee total protection on all digital assets in the course of remote collaboration.


Sync incorporates a blend of the CORE real-time engine and security traits to 5th Kind’s new player and facilitates collaboration with numerous users through a wide span of media. With CORE Sync users will be able to play, pause, and fast forward through videos, scroll through documents, zoom in and drag on images, and scrub audio. In connection with the annotation tools, users can be certain that they are on the correct frame while connected to a session. With CORE Sync, there is nothing to install, no hardware, no file downloads necessary, and with tier 1 security and personalized watermarks, you are sure to enjoy an easy user experience.   

Digital Asset Management

CORE digital asset management is another platform by 5th Kind, to assist all users with connecting and collaborating productively and proficiently. With productions becoming more computerized and constantly being met with tight deadlines and restricted budgets, sharing and organizing files into shared folders is turning into more of a challenge, due to the large amounts of metadata, security demands, and teams that are spread out worldwide. The digital asset management system enables all end-users the ability to upload files with complete security, organize, distribute, search, and collaborate through any type of device.

Benefits of CORE & 5th Kind

The benefits of CORE and its creator, 5th Kind, are unmatched and exceed the demands of modern-day technology. Here are just a few:

Single-point Solution

There is only one solution on the market that can fully operate through every stage of media production, and that solution is CORE. Users can upload and download files of limitless sizes and access files through any device with ease and ultimate security, as well as, compose and track metadata and oversee the connections between the metadata and all files. With CORE, everything is made simple.

Extensibility and Scalability

CORE has the ability to scale at high-speed regardless of the size or number of files or end users that are using this platform. Due to an event-driven framework consisting of RESTful APIs, the system is capable of extending to meet all needs with zero limitations.


5th Kind has put in a great deal of effort to ensure that the user interface is as great as the user’s experience. They have worked immensely with their studio partners to create a completely new experience based around simplicity all while protecting the exceptional features that make CORE so unmatched.

Studio-grade Security

Staying on top of security in this day and age is an extremely vital commitment. 5th Kind has been at the top of their game for over 10 years in successfully fulfilling the expectations of these security demands. Some of the ways in which 5th Kind has assured this top-quality security is by introducing features to give full security coverage, for instance, on-the-fly visual and forensic watermarking, encryption protection across each layer of the system, and intrusion detection and prevention systems, to name a few.


High-level Media & Entertainment companies including Marvel, Disney, and Warner Brothers, have been dependent on 5th Kind for more than 10 years, as well as enterprises such as Nissan and Toyota for digital workflow purposes. With 5th Kind, you can collaborate on files in the most secure way possible, and it’s trusted by only the best. To learn more about CORE Screener and 5th Kind, please contact PacGenesis today.


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