Aspera on Cloud Overview and Capabilities

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Aspera on Cloud Overview and Capabilities

Today, organizations are moving their production workloads to the cloud to reduce cost, minimize their on-premises footprint, and capitalize on the scalability and flexibility that the cloud has to offer. This migration has resulted in what’s termed a hybrid cloud presence where an organization’s critical operations now span between on-premise data centers and several different public cloud environments. This hybrid cloud model has greatly benefited today’s organizations by creating resiliency, minimizing hardware expenditure, and providing infinite scalability on the fly. 

These great advancements in data center architecture have also provided organizations with some unforeseen challenges. This spanning of the modern data center now requires organizations to be able to collaborate on data between platforms quickly, efficiently, and securely. The traditional data transfer practices simply do not suffice when attempting to seamlessly transfer and collaborate on data within a hybrid cloud architecture as they are slow, unreliable, and vulnerable to attacks. 

These limitations in traditional data transfer technologies can adversely result in a siloing effect between these platforms, stifling business continuity and productivity. This is where IBM Aspera on Cloud comes in. 

Aspera on Cloud Overview
IBM Aspera on Cloud supports today’s hybrid-cloud organizations with efficient, fast, and secure data transfer and data collaboration services built in the cloud. Aspera on Cloud is a SaaS offering, capable of meeting these modern-day data transfer and collaboration needs through the patented IBM FASP data transfer technology. IBM FASP is designed to transfer large amounts of data across multiple environments quickly and securely. 

Now, as organizations look to work between various production environments they can transfer and collaborate on files quickly, efficiently, and securely through the support of IBM Aspera on Cloud. With IBM Aspera on Cloud, you can seamlessly access, send, and share files, directories, and folders between the hybrid cloud and on-premises work environments all through a single interface.

Benefits of Aspera on Cloud
Aspera on Cloud is packed with useful features that support organizations as they look to transfer and collaborate on data from multiple locations. 

IBM Aspera on Cloud Benefits:

  • Collaborate internally and externally with multiple users through shared workspaces, while controlling access to your data.
    This centralized collaboration allows for complete visibility, transparency and tracking of your dynamic workflow. No longer do you need to depend on sending and sharing data through multiple sources that can be slow or inadvertently lost. 
  • Access data stored spanning the private and or public cloud as well as on-premises data centers.
    Through a centralized single-pane-of-glass management system, users will be able to access and store data spanning on-premises, public, and private cloud locations.
  • File transfer capabilities for any size and volume of data at any distance and at maximum speed, regardless of network conditions.
    Built on the FASP and Aspera transfer protocol, users can send and collaborate with a speed independent of network conditions to ensure business continuity. 
  • Protect your data in flight and at rest with AES256 built-in security encryption.
    Transferring data is critically important, but if it’s not transferred in a safe, secure manner, you are putting your organization at risk. With Aspera on Cloud, data is encrypted in-flight and at rest ensuring your data is safe throughout the entire transfer process.

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