7 Essential Training Videos for Aspera Training

7 Essential Training Videos for Aspera Training from IBM cybersecurity partner, PacGenesis

7 Essential Training Videos for Aspera Training

At PacGenesis, we’ve earned IBM’s trust to implement Aspera with businesses looking for a fast and secure file transfer solution. As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we’ve curated several training videos that will help you learn vital functions of Aspera that will streamline your business processes.

From uploading files to sending packages, integrating with major cloud storage providers like AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Azure Blob Node, to configuring authentication with Azure SAML, each video delves into a specific aspect of Aspera On Cloud’s functionalities. Whether you’re looking to streamline your data transfer processes, enhance collaboration, or ensure the security of your files, these training videos have got you covered.

Aspera Training Videos from PacGenesis

1. Aspera On Cloud Files Application Upload

Learn how to leverage the Aspera On Cloud Files Application to streamline file management and collaboration. This video tutorial will guide you through utilizing collaborator settings, transferring files via Aspera Connect, and granting link access to shared folders.

2. How to Attach an AWS S3 Bucket to Aspera On Cloud

This tutorial will demonstrate the process of linking an AWS S3 bucket to Aspera on Cloud. By following these steps, you’ll acquire the access key necessary for future use. This enables you to leverage the new location for sharing folders or establishing workspaces seamlessly.

3. How to Attach Google Cloud Storage to Aspera On Cloud

In this tutorial, we’ll demonstrate how to set up nodes for integrating Google Cloud Storage with Aspera. Additionally, we’ll cover the process of utilizing a private key for authentication and establishing access permissions for sharing the key across different workspaces.

4. How to Configure Azure SAML in Aspera On Cloud

In this tutorial, we provide a detailed overview of configuring authentication for IBM’s Aspera on Cloud using Azure’s Entra ID. You’ll gain insights into accessing the portal, assigning users or groups, configuring single sign-on, and other essential steps in the setup process.

5. How to Send a Package in Aspera On Cloud

We’ll guide you through the process of sending a package in Aspera on Cloud. You’ll learn how to efficiently add files to a package, ensuring easy access for users to download them.

6. How to Attach Azure Blob Node in Aspera On Cloud

This tutorial will guide you through the process of connecting Azure Blob Storage to IBM Aspera on Cloud. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions on creating new nodes within the Aspera Cloud Admin application and gathering essential information required for sharing with users.

7. How to Share a Root Level Folder in Aspera On Cloud

We’ll guide you through each step of the process to enable seamless sharing of your folders with colleagues, clients, or collaborators. You’ll discover how to share a root folder within the Files application, understand the implications of creating a folder within the application, and learn how to add the necessary content for distribution into the folder.

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