PacGenesis Partners with Top-Tier Technology Companies

PacGenesis Partners with Top-Tier Technology Companies
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PacGenesis Partners with Top-Tier Technology Companies

PacGenesis is your trusted advisor for finding and implementing business solutions focused on digital file movement and security. We’re passionate about solving business challenges, which is why we partner with some of the most cutting-edge security and file transfer solutions to meet your company’s needs. We have helped organizations from a variety of markets including:

  • Media and entertainment
  • Software and gaming
  • Engineering and manufacturing
  • Financial services
  • Legal eDiscovery
  • Life sciences and pharmaceutical

Learn more about the technology companies we work with to help your business succeed.


PacGenesis is an IBM Gold Business Partner, trusted by IBM to implement their Aspera solution. Aspera is an IBM product and the world’s fastest file transfer system that enables organizations to share large files or volumes of files around the world instantly. It offers a complete portfolio of software products and technologies that provides any company from a wide variety of industries with the ability to collaborate, distribute, automate, share, synchronize, stream, and migrate data and files. With its proprietary FASP technology, it eliminates bottlenecks and risks associated with outdated technology.


Irdeto is a cybersecurity business with over 50 years protecting digital content in industries like video entertainment, video games, connected transport, connected health, and Iot. They provide modernized content security protection through digital rights management security through enabled HLS protection. Irdeto’s management of encryption keys provides the needed security measures to effectively minimize the threat of cyber attacks so you can rest easy knowing that your organization’s intellectual property is properly protected.

5th Kind

5th Kind is one of the world’s leading enterprise Digital Asset Management organizations, providing a complete solution for collaborating with your entire project team while keeping your company’s information safe and secure. They offer enhanced security and support for the entertainment industry through their flagship security offering: CORE. Their platform helps businesses seamlessly manage their assets, collaborate in real time, and produce content at high velocity. Created with tools for managing and sharing assets at scale, it helps accelerate the creative pipeline. 

Trend Micro Cloud One

TrendMicro is a global cybersecurity leader that helps make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Their world-class research delivers object storage security as files uploaded into your cloud storage. As part of the Trend Micro Cloud One security service platform, the File Storage Security protects small and large files for complete coverage across business processes and applications. Your organization can build and run applications securely by offering controls that work across your existing infrastructure or modern code streams, development toolchains, and multi-platform requirements.

Find out how PacGenesis can help you implement top-tier technology at your organization to secure your information and improve processes for your business. Contact us today for a chat! To learn more about PacGenesis, follow @PacGenesis on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or visit us at


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