How to Use Irdeto to Protect Platforms and Apps from Piracy and Cybercriminals


How to Use Irdeto to Protect Platforms and Apps from Piracy and Cybercriminals

If you are in the platform or app development business – such as the software industry, the gaming industry, or mobile app industry – then you know that protecting your IP from cybercriminals and piracy is an absolute must. But what solutions should you trust to protect your platforms and apps from the rising threat of cybercrime?

At PacGenesis, we help platform and app development businesses like yours protect their IP using solutions from Irdeto. We trust Irdeto’s security solutions because the company has been in the security industry for more than 50 years. Over that time, Irdeto has protected more than 50 billion apps and platforms, with an estimated 50 million transactions protected every single day.

Why is Cybercrime on the Rise?
There’s a variety of reasons why cybercrime and piracy are on the rise. We’ll explain the top three reasons below:

  1. There are More Platforms and Apps Available to Hack Than Ever Before
    In the 2020s, there are more platforms and apps on the market than ever before. Just looking at the mobile app industry, it’s easy to see how there are so many prime opportunities for cybercriminals to strike. There’s an estimated 2.56 million Android apps, and 1.85 million iOS apps on the market as of Q1 of 2020. That’s a seemingly endless number of opportunities for Dark Web users to attack.

    Likewise, the gaming industry has never been as big as it is today. In 2020, the US gaming industry generated 92.9 billion dollars. That’s not even factoring in the international gaming industry – which is astronomical in and of itself.

    As you can see, there are just so many prime, tempting opportunities for cybercriminals to attack apps and platforms. This is one of the primary reasons that cybercrime and piracy are on the rise.
  1. Internet Speeds are Lightning-Fast, Making Cybercrime Easier to Perform
    The average Internet speed in US households is now up to 50.2 Mbps. But we all know, cybercriminals invest in high-speed Internet options.

    Solutions like Google Fiber and high-speed cable Internet options make the possibility of household Internet speed almost unimaginable, especially for those of us who still remember dial-up. The most premium household cable Internet speeds are now up to 2,000 Mbps (~2Gbps). This accessibility to high-speed Internet makes it easier than ever for cybercriminals to attack your apps and platforms.
  1. Internet Users with Bad Intentions are Getting More Technically Savvy Than They Have Been in the Past
    With more apps and platforms to attack than ever before, and incredibly fast household Internet speeds available in large markets, cybercriminals are getting smarter. They’re learning from each other on the Dark Web, exchanging tips and tricks to perform their bad intentions.

The good news is that while cybercrime and piracy are on the rise, Irdeto is staying a step ahead of the game. Continue reading to learn how three Irdeto products help to protect software, games, and mobile apps from cybercriminals.

Using Cloakware® to Protect Software from Cybercriminals
Cloakware Software Protection has been securing digital assets for 20 years. In fact, Irdeto solutions was the inventor of whitebox cryptography, which is now an industry standard.

Cloakware protects your software from hackers and cyber pirates by using advanced features to keep your solutions safe. Cloakware protects your digital assets – such as your keys, code, and data – by leveraging an advanced combination of cybersecurity technologies, libraries, and security tools. With Cloakware, you can rest assured that your software is safe.

Using Denuvo to Protect Games from Cybercriminals
Denuvo is the world’s leading video game and protection and anti-piracy solution. In fact, to date, Irdeto has sold 350+ million licenses of this robust gaming security solution.

Denuvo provides the global gaming industry with the following functionality:

  • Anti-cheat technology, which is important for revenue retention because Irdeto has found that 77% of gamers are likely to completely give up on a game if they feel their opponents aren’t playing fairly.
  • Anti-tamper technology which prevents cybercriminals from debugging, reverse engineering, or changing your games.
  • Application license management for global gaming companies through a secure software and web application (SaaS).
  • Optical media protection which provides advanced code encryption and a gaming licensing management system to disc-based games.

Using Trusted Software to Protect Mobile Apps from Cybercriminals
Device users love their apps, and developers like you love making them. But you need to secure your apps to protect your app revenue models. Irdeto’s Trusted Software does just that.

This mobile app security solution helps app developers:

  • Protect code and data.
  • Leverage Machine Learning (ML) to smartly adjust protections.
  • Enables these security features without having to modify source code.

Best of yet, Trusted Software is offered in affordable pricing models, including as a pay-as-you-go solution with automated SaaS delivery.

We Can Help You Leverage Irdeto to Protect Your Platforms and Apps
As you can see, when it comes to protecting platforms and apps, Irdeto is a step above the rest. And as Irdeto partners and experts, we can help you evaluate your needs and Irdeto solutions, deploy them, and help support you as you use your selection option.

To start a discussion about using Irdeto to protect your platforms and apps, call us today at (512) 766-8715, email us at, or fill out our online contact form.


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