Trend Micro Vision One File Security for Protecting Your Valuable Content

Trend Micro Vision One File Security for Protecting your Valuable Content from cybersecurity service provider, PacGenesis

Trend Micro Vision One File Security for Protecting Your Valuable Content

Trend Vision One – File Security is a scanning service for files and cloud storage. This scanning service can detect all types of malicious software (malware) including trojans, ransomware, spyware, and more. Based on fragments of previously seen malware, File Security detects obfuscated or polymorphic variants of malware.

File Security can assess any file type or size for malware and display real-time results. With the latest file reputation and variant protection technologies backed by leading threat research, File Security automates malware scanning.

File Security can also scan objects across your environment in any application, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Native scanning means you maintain data sovereignty while ensuring that files uploaded to your environment stay in your environment.

File Security comprises two features:

  • File Security SDKExpose malware in any file by creating a custom program using one of the software development kits (SDKs) or directly through the command-line interface (CLI). Both SDK and CLI methods can send scan results to File Security where you can visually monitor scan progress plus malware prevalence and types.
  • File Security StorageCloud-native applications rely primarily on cloud object services as part of workflows which can facilitate new attack vectors. Detect and remediate malware using protection that integrates into your custom workflow providing support across all applications. Keep your cloud storage safe by connecting File Security to your cloud storage provider.

Choose the feature or combination that best suits your organizational needs:

File Security features

File Security StorageFile Security SDK
Limited solely to cloud storage applications.Allows for file-scanning anywhere; not just storage applications.
Valuable for organizations without a robust development team.Intended for teams with experience programming using an SDK.
The storage stack is easy to deploy, requiring just a few clicks and no more than about ten minutes.Requires more coding to deploy in addition to stronger cloud architect and developer teams to implement automation.

PacGenesis has been closely working with the Trend Micro team to integrate the IBM Aspera ingest process to ensure every file is quickly scanned for malware and viruses, and now can ensure that process can happen on Cloud and On-Premise deployed Aspera workflows. 

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