Aspera Technology (SDK, ASCP & More)


Aspera Technology (SDK, ASCP & More)

Aspera Technology Overview

While many companies and academic institutions have tackled the WAN data movement problem, they have chosen to optimize or accelerate the data transfer rather than solving the fundamental bottlenecks that exist in the underlying transport itself, yielding solutions that provide some relief but are still limited by design.

Aspera took a different approach: solving the problem by eliminating the underlying bottleneck altogether. This allowed us to create a breakthrough transport technology that can fully utilize the available network bandwidth, transfer data at maximum speed, and scale up as needed with no theoretical limit. This philosophy of innovation is fused into Aspera’s DNA, and built into the core technology and software products that fuel the company’s consistent and rapid growth.

Transport Technology

At the heart of our solutions is our patented  FASP® transport technology – a breakthrough transfer protocol that leverages existing WAN infrastructure and commodity hardware to achieve speeds that are hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP, and delivers end-to-end security, 100% reliability and exceptional bandwidth control.

Streaming Technology

The FASPStream transport technology is a new breakthrough alternative for Internet video transport. At the core of this software is Aspera’s patented FASP transport technology that now provides fully reliable in-order byte stream delivery for live feeds over commodity IP networks using the new FASPStream architecture.
Platform Enableme

Aspera’s technology is available for deployment on a wide variety of application delivery platforms. Mobile users can take advantage of  FASP technology to transfer data at high speeds to and from their iOS and Android devices. Cloud and NAS platforms benefit from extreme transfer scalability of Aspera transfer servers and web applications for private and public storage and computing clouds. A comprehensive suite of web applications and components enables high-speed web-based data transfers for a variety of business use cases.

Developer Resources

Aspera’s high-performance FASP transport technology can easily be embedded thanks to a comprehensive software development kit featuring SOAP web services and Javascript APIs, as well as cross-platform libraries for Mac, Windows and Linux (Java, C++, C#, .NET). A subscription to Aspera Developer Network provides users with comprehensive and up to date libraries, documentation and user guides, and detailed code samples.


Aspera’s software moves the world’s data at maximum speed, regardless of file size, transfer distance or network conditions. At the heart of our solutions is our patented FASP® transport technology – a breakthrough transfer protocol that leverages existing WAN infrastructure and commodity hardware to achieve speeds that are hundreds of times faster than FTP and HTTP, and delivers end-to-end security, 100% reliability and exceptional bandwidth control.


The most universal and open core transport technology available today, Aspera’s patented FASP transfer technology is an innovative software that eliminates the fundamental shortcomings of conventional, TCP-based file transfer technologies such as FTP and HTTP. As a result, FASP transfers maximize the utilization of available bandwidth to deliver unmatched transfer speeds and to provide a guaranteed delivery time regardless of file size, transfer distance or network conditions. It supports all high-speed data transfer and automation scenarios across many industries that rely on the exchange, processing, storage and distribution of large data. 


Aspera’s Ascp 4 is a next-generation file transfer binary that ships in version FASP 3.6 and greater alongside Ascp to introduce a new architecture for ultra high-speed transfer of small files in addition to large data sets. The architecture transfers one million files per minute for even the smallest file sizes and achieves > 5Gbps transfer rates for global RTT and packet loss conditions. 


Software developers that need to integrate Aspera high-speed transfer capabilities into their software or services typically use our file-based APIs to initiate, manage, and control high-speed transfers from one file system to another. To support the broader set of use cases where developers wish to bypass the file system and directly access the Aspera high-speed FASP “pipe” from their applications, we created the new Aspera FASPstream Binaries and API. Rather than starting a transfer by reading a file from disk and ending the transfer by writing to disk, the Aspera FASPStream binaries and the API support transfers to or from a custom process running in memory with another custom process running on a separate machine (Stream-to-Stream), or with a standard Aspera transfer server (Stream-to-File). See diagram.


Aspera’s high-speed transfer solutions are available on a wide variety of application delivery platforms. 

Aspera Transfer Platform

The Aspera Transfer Platform sits at the heart of our on-premise and in-the-cloud transfer server software and solves the fundamental problems that exist with data movement over long-haul wide area networks. A truly universal high-speed transfer platform, it supports transfers of any data type or size, leveraging all infrastructure and storage types, regardless of location, with maximum speed and a comprehensive offering for all transport paradigms and deployment models. 


Aspera on Cloud SaaS offering is a multi-tenant hosted solution that quickly, reliably, and securely moves large files and data sets across a hybrid-cloud environment. The service allows users to transfer, exchange, and deliver data from any location to anywhere with anyone. The application is always on and available from anywhere. The software and infrastructure is managed by Aspera, allowing companies to focus on running their business. Licensing is subscription based and includes the cost of the software and the hardware. We update our SaaS software on a continuous basis so you always have access to the latest and greatest features, and never have to worry about upgrades. 


Aspera strives to help organizations move big data around the world at top speeds regardless of their preferred implementation method. That’s why we have created a comprehensive SDK that enables integration of Aspera’s FASP® transport technology into virtually any web, desktop or mobile application.

The Aspera SDK offers a complete set of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) with supporting documentation and sample code to help developers integrate Aspera technology into applications as a replacement for traditional TCP-based protocols such as FTP or HTTP. The Aspera SDK includes web service APIs (REST and SOAP) as well as native libraries for Java, .NET, and C++.

The Aspera SDK is available to developers via an annual development subscription to Aspera Developer Network that includes all available libraries, APIs and web services, as well as development licenses and developer support. 

SDK Highlights

  • Easily integrate Aspera FASP® transfer technology into any applications
  • Use REST web services, SOAP web services, or JavaScript to integrate Aspera FASP into web applications
  • Leverage the Aspera FASP Manager API for Java, .NET, and C++ to embed Aspera transfer technology into your client, server, and embedded applications
  • Transfer byte-stream data using Aspera FASPStream to enable in-memory access
  • Fully embeddable client or embeddable server
  • Develop mobile applications using the Aspera Mobile SDK for iOS and Android applications.
  • View best practices and code examples on the Aspera Developer Network, including fully functional online web application example

Aspera SDK
Aspera FASP

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