Is Aspera Free?

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Is Aspera Free?

Is your business looking for an alternative to the outdated and slow traditional file transfer protocols such as FTP or HTTP? If so, IBM’s Aspera is worth considering. IBM Aspera provides an alternative to the traditional file transfer solutions through its patented file transfer solution, FASP

The Fast and Secure Protocol (FASP) is a file transfer protocol designed with today’s business in mind. Today, organizations are required to send much more data than companies just five years ago. In fact, researchers predict that nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each and every day! That’s truly an unimaginable amount of data that is created each day. To keep up with this growing technological demand and data growth, organizations must evolve. 

When it comes to improving data transfer and data collaboration, IBM’s Aspera is today’s technology choice. IBM’s Aspera is up to 100x faster than traditional protocols such as FTP, designed with embedded security and equipped to meet today’s business needs at scale.  The critical question is then, ‘is Aspera free, and how can it be tested?’

Is Aspera Free

Aspera is a paid service; however, there are some great free introductions to the Aspera platform if you’re looking to test-drive the offering. Through PacGenesis, businesses can get access to IBM’s Aspera for 90 days! 

Benefits of Trialing Aspera Through PacGenesis

When a business trials any of the solution offerings through PacGenesis, they immediately gain access to PacGenesis’s industry-leading support and technical team. Moreover, PacGenesis is a registered IBM Gold Partner through the IBM PartnerWorld with over ten years of experience supporting businesses as they implement solutions such as IBM Aspera into their IT environments.

Dedicated Team
When you trial Aspera through PacGenesis you gain an extension of your existing IT team. We’re in the business of seeing our clients succeed, so we will be here along the way to answer questions and help with implementation strategies to align your business for success.

Industry Experience
We are an IBM Gold Business Partner with over ten years in data security. We offer value by understanding where the industry is going and ensuring your business is future-proof as you implement new technologies into your business. We’ve supported over 300 businesses with over 900k terabytes of data transferred.  

We Want You To Succeed
We succeed when you succeed. Our mission is to support businesses as they look to become more technologically aligned with the current market. To do so, we work with organizations every step of the way in implementing solutions like Aspera and ensuring that your business is up-to-speed. 

Next Steps
If you’re looking to learn more about IBM’s Aspera, or are interested in gaining access to the free 90-day trial of Aspera, consider reaching out to one of our dedicated team members here at PacGenesis. 

We have over ten years of experience supporting organizations that are looking to enhance their data transfer and data collection capabilities with Aspera. We’ve worked hard to become a trusted advisor in the data security space, and we hope we can provide value for your growing business. To learn more about PacGenesis, follow @PacGenesis on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or contact us.


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