Solutions by use case

Aspera offers a complete portfolio of software products and technologies that provide organizations of any size in a wide variety of industries with the highest level of performance for every file transfer use case where data needs to be moved at maximum speed.


Aspera software can distribute file-based assets of any size from one geographic location to customers and partners around the world, without compromising performance or security. The solutions are comprised of a high speed transfer server and a variety of client options.


Collaborative file transfer solutions from Aspera provide individuals and groups with intuitive, secure and efficient paradigms to collaborate and exchange files and directories. Web, Desktop, Mobile, and email interfaces provide users with complete freedom and flexibility in sending and receiving data.


With Aspera’s high-speed transfer and automation platform, enterprises can manage and automate file movement and processing from simple repeatable tasks to the most complex and challenging workflows, internally within the organization, across locations or with customers and partners.


Easy to use web applications, coupled with high-speed FASP® transport and a powerful security model offer a complete solution for ingesting, sharing, and managing data distributed across enterprise storage or cloud storage systems, whether public or private -  the perfect replacement for FTP.


Built with extreme performance and scalability in mind, Aspera Sync overcomes the bottlenecks of conventional synchronization tools like rsync, and scales up and out for maximum speed replication and synchronization over WANs.


The FASPStream software product was created from the ground up by Aspera with the potential to revolutionize the way that live and near-live video is transported.


Aspera offers high-speed data transfer that uses the public Internet to securely and reliably migrate large amounts of data to, from, or between any major cloud.

Solutions by industry

Aspera software brings breakthrough cost savings and efficiency gains to organizations that need to move large volumes of data over public and private IP networks. Easy-to-deploy, fully cross-platform, file type and network type agnostic, Aspera solutions deliver unprecedented levels of transfer performance to file-based workflows – including maximum speed, security and bandwidth efficiency – and are widely used across a number of industries across the globe, transporting petabytes of digital content each day.


Global development teams need to share large design files, simulation results and test data across remote teams and facilities to keep production on track. With Aspera’s suite of high-speed transfer solutions, leading automakers can share critical design files and production data across global teams at maximum speed, allowing them to create next generation vehicles.

banking & financial services

Most key processes that are central to a bank's operations are dependent on moving a constant flow of file-based information inside and outside the bank and the most successful institutions leverage this data to improve operations and accelerate growth. With high-performance data transfers from Aspera, financial services organizations can transfer terabytes of data every day while protecting sensitive customer information and financial data with Aspera's built-in security features.


Development teams need to replicate and share large repositories of source code, engineering specifications, and design documents across multiple remote locations. Aspera software meets the performance requirements of today’s high-performance development teams, while significantly reducing the complexity and cost of multi-layered systems developed in-house.

enterprise it

By providing “FedEx”-like capabilities in the electronic domain — speed, guaranteed delivery, priority service levels — along with uncompromising security, comprehensive management, tracking and monitoring, Aspera solutions enable the global enterprise with effective ways to collaborate, outsource and geographically distribute data processing.

games & software

Aspera solutions make global development a reality for games and software publishers around the world, while significantly reducing operating costs and dramatically accelerating time to market. Aspera software supports the automatic transfer of millions of build files, around the globe, around the clock, as well as fast and easy transfers of supporting materials between collaborating teams.


Aspera technology enables predictable, secure, location-independent, and automated movement of files and datasets of any size and format for federal agencies and public sector organizations worldwide. Aspera software has been thoroughly vetted by the intelligence community for large data transfers over even the most difficult military networks and is deployed in support of mission-critical operations.


In an effort to improve underwriting, reduce fraud and better target customers, insurance carriers are collecting and analyzing more data than ever before. Managing the movement of this data across global datacenters, applications and teams is a challenge. With Aspera software, insurance carriers can quickly move large data & files anywhere in the world with bullet-proof security and reliability.

legal & ediscovery

Aspera technology enables predictable, secure, location-independent, and automated movement of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) for law firms, eDiscovery service providers and corporate legal teams. With a complete portfolio of software products, Aspera provides high-speed file transfer solutions that are ideally suited for a variety of legal and eDiscovery applications.

life sciences

Aspera software supports global research efforts by enabling the fast and efficient movement of huge data sets across the world, effectively enabling scientists to collaborate without boundaries by sharing, processing and distributing their most critical bioinformatics data.


Media enterprises rely on Aspera software to reduce their production cycles and securely deliver high-resolution media worldwide, with the utmost quality of service, to provide consumers with their best content, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

oil & gas

In digitally-connected exploration and production, enormous amounts of data are created on a daily basis. Aspera solutions power data distribution from remote locations to globally dispersed data centers, so that the precious information can then be analyzed, transformed and synchronized between collaborating teams, and finally, delivered to customers.


Retailers are struggling to move their big data, be it large media files for new campaigns or massive volumes of customer and store data for analytics. To overcome the challenges of slow, unreliable FTP-based file sharing and costly satellite distribution systems, retailers rely on Aspera's high-speed file sending and sharing software.

sports broadcasting

Aspera’s software has transformed the digital media supply chain, connecting live sporting events with production teams, distributors, and viewers, making it possible for sports broadcasters and distributors to rapidly expand the available content, and deliver content more quickly, with new workflows that often span the globe. The results are significantly reduced operating costs, dramatically accelerated times to market, and happy and loyal viewers.