About strongDM

About strongDM

Manage and Audit Access to Databases, Servers, Clusters, and Web Apps
Our company

strongDM combines authentication, authorization, networking, and observability into a single platform.

From onboarding to offboarding, customers share a common pain of being unable to manage access to critical resources without compromising security. With an infrastructure access platform like strongDM, it really eliminates point solutions, covers all protocols, and is easy to use for end-users and admins.
Our Platform
Unify infrastructure access workflows with a single solution for zero-friction connectivity to everything in your stack.
For Every Environment
Works with your past, present, and future infrastructure, regardless of protocol or location.
Delivered as Code
Admins manage access “as code”, so it’s easy, flexible, and as ephemeral as your infrastructure.
Our services

strongDM delivers simple, secure access to every resource your technical staff needs.

strongDM helps companies manage and audit access to their databases, servers, clusters, and web applications. This proxy integrates with your identity provider to centrally manage authentication. No matter what database your business relies on, where servers are deployed, or what tools you use, they natively support them.


Determine who gets access to your infrastructure by storing credentials securely with strongDM or using an existing secrets manager.


Specify what and how much staff can access with dynamic ABAC and RBAC access rules for all resources, as well as granular least-privilege access control based on roles, attributes, and just-in-time approvals.


Monitor and log every single event with real-time event monitoring for audit events, capturing and recording all the precise details of every single session, query, and command across your entire stack.
strongDM Common Use Cases
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