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5th Kind Pricing and Packaging

5th Kind is priced and packaged for the needs of your organization, no matter the size or scale. 5th Kind provides enhanced security and support for the entertainment industry through their security offering CORE as one of the world’s leading enterprise Digital Asset Management organizations. Get in touch and we will help you find and create the best package for your business.
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Whether you’re a small or midsize business, 5th Kind’s CORE provides streamlined accessibility. When it comes to protecting digital assets, this makes it the perfect addition to every company’s toolbox.


5th Kind is one of the world’s leading enterprise Digital Asset Management organizations. Their security offering CORE makes sure that your digital assets are safe so your team can seamlessly access and collaborate without the worry of compromising data.

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What You Get


Stay Secure

5th Kind CORE helps you share files across the globe, keeping them safe and secure from would-be cybercriminals in the process.
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Collaborate Everywhere

With 5th Kind, you can work wherever you are with files that are shared across teams. This solution helps collaborate with people in your office, at distributed locations, and with vendors.
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Intuitive Design

5th Kind’s interface is easy to navigate and use. This helps CORE configure to your business’s needs, regardless of company size.
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Centralize Assets

Keep your organization’s files and data in one centralized location. 5th Kind CORE makes your assets easily accessible and trackable by you and your teams.
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