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Trace Internet Piracy and Content Leaks


Are you leveraging the cloud for your video workflows – for everything from production to distribution – and wondering how to best protect your content from piracy, and how to trace leaks if they do happen? If so, this webinar is for you.

Join PacGenesis and our new partner, Irdeto, who is the world’s leader in digital platform security, to learn how:

  • Irdeto can watermark video content being transferred or streamed through IBM’s high-speed file transfer solution, Aspera.
  • How to combat content piracy on the fly.
  • How to leverage Irdeto for secure traceability of downloaded content, including the ability to have a unique ID for all content downloaded with Aspera + Irdeto.

If you use the cloud for video workflows, you don’t want to miss this informative webinar on how you can best protect your content from piracy and how to trace leaks. A post-presentation Q&A will be included to answer all your questions.

Protect Video Content in the Cloud

Sign up for the webinar recording to learn how to protect your video content in the cloud and trace leaks by leveraging the power of Aspera + Irdeto.


Scott Pecnik and Dipak Chocha of PacGenesis have a combined 24 years of experience in the tech industry. Today at PacGenesis, Scott and Dipak lead their teams to bring enterprises the combined power of high-speed file transfer and streaming with best-in-class security offered by the integration of Aspera + Irdeto.
Erik is a Technical Product Manager for Watermarking and Online Piracy Detection at Irdeto. He has more than 15 years of experience providing advanced premium content protection solutions and services to the pay media industry and combatting the growing scale and sophistication of online piracy. Most recently, Erik has been working with industry partners to tackle some of the key challenges facing content owners, post-production houses, and content aggregators fighting piracy that originates during the post-production and distribution processes with an easy to deploy, affordable forensic watermarking solution for mezzanine-quality file-based transmission. Based in the Netherlands, Erik holds a master’s degree in Software Engineering from the Radboud University (Netherlands).

Scott Pecnik


Dipak Chocha

EVP, Sales & Business Development

Erik Hietbrink

Product Manager, Irdeto
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